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Provenance the Web Magazine for librarians, archivists and information professionals
ISSN 1203 8954 - published 1995-2008 Vancouver, BC - Guy Robertson, Managing Editor and NetPac Communications Ltd., Publisher

Papua New Guinea - PNG Books Useful Articles & Information
A collection of research level academic articles and book excerpts, sponsored by Canada's International Development Research Centre IDRC, and local PNG organizations, Dr. John Evans, managing editor and publisher, 1999-2003 law Students' web publication is sponsored by from NetPac.  Photos from the annual charity fund raising Law Show in Edmonton, produced by law students at University of Alberta and sponsored in part by Lawyers / Law firms in Edmonton can be seen at:

  • law students publication for photos and more information about the Law Show, which in 2003 raised money for Edmonton's KARA family support centre: promoting the healthy development of children by empowering families
  • see also directory of Edmonton lawyers and law firms which were corporate sponsors of Law Show 2003.

VOLUG - Vancouver Online Users Group web archives
1997-2001 VOLUG web site and annual reports archive 1997-2001 includes 20th Anniversary Report.   VOLUG is made up of of online librarians, records managers and library technicians.

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| Motiv Design / Ming Wo home accessories & cookware retailLawyers & Law Firms Vancouver & VictoriaManufacturers | BC RealtorsAdult Education-Diversity Consulting | etc.

Adult Education - Anti-Racism Diversity Training & Consulting Services

2008 book The Exchange University - Corporatization of Academic Culture, co-edited by Adrienne Chan PhD Click for info of this UBC / UT press publication at

Real Estate Sales / Realtors

Notary Public Legal Services

Lawyers, Law Firms, Legal Services, Law Students Promotion intro. to Canada's legal system-courts-lawyers on the web | Edmonton LawyersVancouver LawyersVictoria LawyersNanaimo LawyersEdmonton Law Students Web MagazineToronto, Ontario Specialty Lawyers Directory |

Above city links are to Lawyers - Attorneys practicing:  Canada class action litigation, corporate-business law, administrative law, labor-labour / employment law, personal injury law e.g. car accidents & insurance claims, wills-trusts-estates law, Canada immigration law

Lowe & Company, Immigration Attorneys, Barristers and Solicitors

Canada immigraton lawyers Lowe & Co. in Vancouver

Canada's immigration and business lawyers.  Service in English, Mandarin-Chinese, Cantonese-Chinese, Taiwanese Chinese, Polish and Arabic.

See articles on such topics as:

  • read "Traps & Pitfalls re Canada Work Visas ie Work Permits"
  • read "NAFTA and IntraCompany Transfer Work Visas for Canada"
  • read "Changes in the Skilled Worker Independent Immigrant Categories in 2003-2004"
  • WEB SITE: or

Notary Public Legal Services

Japanese Speaking Lawyers in Vancouver

see also SafetySmart Emergency Management Services if you are a business looking for professionals to help to review-develop disaster-emergency management plans, including mitigation and contingency plans so that your company can resume services as soon as possible after a disaster-emergency including fire and water damage, theft, earthquakes, terrorist attack etc.  Having the right plan in place and operating can prevent loss of business and good will let alone potential corporate litigation.


Jastram Engineering Ltd.

World leaders in marine hydraulic steering equipment and steering control systems - including ABS and CE certified type approved steel and brass hydraulic steering cylinders

Viberg Boot Manufacturing Company

Canada's leaders in handcrafted leather CSA approved steel toed safety work boots (original web design, domain name acquisition and web marketing)


Motiv Design & Ming Wo home accessories, kitchen utensils, cookware and dinnerware serving-ware stores

  • Vancouver's home accessories, kitchenware, diningware and cookware retail stores in North Vancouver Capilano Mall, Vancouver Kitsilano and Granville stores, and Richmond, BC

  • This famous family operated kitchen-ware cooking-food-preparation paradise is now being operated by the 3rd generation in various locations throughout the lower mainland of BC

magazine serials boxes circa 1993 at Union of BC Indian Chiefs Research Library on Water St. Vancouver - photo by Neal Chan Dr.Rob Sealey and Dr. Dave Hepburn hosts of WISEQUACKS Humorous Radio Show on Medical Topics heard across Canada CLICK FOR MORE INFO
2008 book The Exchange University - Corporatization of Academic Culture, co-edited by Adrienne Chan PhD Click for info of this UBC / UT press publication
Wise Quacks Dr. Rob Sealey, MD and Dr  Dave Hepburn, hold upside down acrobat guest Corine Latrille fr. Cirzue de Soleil  visiting their cross Canada Radio show WISE QUACKS  - CLICK FOR MORE INFO

Provenance Archives

Papua New Guinea  collection of research level articles and book excerpts

Read 2005 Provenance Articles on

Freeing the
'Archival Captive'
A Closer Look at
[Native American Indian]
Tribal Archives

New project for Canada's Arctic First Nations Peoples' Cultural Promotion

Canada Immigration Lawyers
Vancouver, BC

Canada immigraton-business lawyers Lowe & Co. in Vancouver

Wise Quacks Dr. Rob Sealey, MD and Dr  Dave Hepburn, hold upside down acrobat guest Corine Latrille fr. Cirzue de Soleil  visiting their cross Canada Radio show WISE QUACKS

negative-film-image contact print catalog from Union of BC Indian Chiefs archival images collection - CLICK TO UBCIC RESOURCE CENTRE WEBSITE

Archival photos of "Pre-Digital" Historic Archives of Special Library Collection of UBCIC circa 1993

special library collection books - the stacks collection on native land claims in BC and across Canada from UBCIC circa 1993 photo by Neal Chan

NetPac Communication Ltd. works with a network of   graphic designers & illustrators see more · freelance copy writers see more photo-journalists and helps sponsors community development-education projects

Malcolm Wong, Graphic Novelist, script writer,  based in Tokyo  in 2008 publshed Graphic Novel DOG EATERS - a tale of post-petroleum-apocalyptic

USA - book publihsed in USA by Berkley Del Rey  CLICK TO

Go to

Go to the official website of this widely acclaimed graphic novel comic adapted from Malcolm's award-winning screenplay (Screenwriting Expo5 in L.A.) Illustrations by Guillermo A. Angel from Chile.

Mankind failed to transcend the Petroleum Age.  175 years after the Die Off, the Black Dog Clan makes its last run down the trade route between the casino-cities to the Gulf before establishing their own settlement.

LAW SHOW 2003 - 2004 in Edmonton, Alberta

English · Chinese · Asian Graphic designers & Illustrators in:  Vancouver, Hong Kong, Japan, Malaysia and Indonesia

Chiiinese New Year - China and Hong Kong, Tony Yau, Chinese-English language graphic design and illustration

Chinese New Year, animated graphics sample from Tony Yau business graphic design & creative marketing consultant see Chinese-English language graphic designers & illustrators for print, TV & web.

Visit current web site of Christine Wong, children's graphic's illustrator, cartoonist and interior designer based in Vancouver, BC.

N.B. an early version of this illustrator's web site is part of the Provenance Magazine Archives at CarrotStick.CA archives

Several designers have particular experience in web promotional work using Macromedia Flash/Shockwave programs and Adobe Acrobat PDF programs


Asian Search Engines Research Pilot Project - UVIC Hong Kong & Tokyo Students 2005

Health Care | Self Help Groups | Health & Wellness Promotion

Projects for Non-Government-Organizations (NGOs)

Freelance copy writers, graphic designers, videographers

  • featuring Tony Yau
  • freelance writers and editors specializing in travel articles, political and social commentary, library humor/humour, emergency planning systems, and technical writing.
  • writers, consultants, media specialists, photographers, specialty business & professional services ...
  • Disaster-Emergency Planning and Mitigation Consulting Services

Bibliography Links to Provenance Magazine for Librarians, Archivists Information Professionals

Provenance Archives

Children's illustrator Cat Wong - characters Clara and Clarence Bear in hot air balloon over San Franciscos Golden Gate Bridge

Go to for more of San Francisco children's illustrator Cat Wong's work

A P P L E   A P P

One Two Peek-a-Boo

Apple App

from Clara And Clarence Bear

"With animation, sound, and interaction, toddlers will have fun learning to count from 1 to 10. Featuring Clara, Clarence Bear and their little friends, this e-book entertains with playful, vibrant visuals." Cat Wong 2011-11 go to Apple iTunes store through this link

See also San Francisco information promotion featuring photos from Cat Wong's friends Norberto and Shelley Li pictures from top of supension tower of Golden Gate Bridge taken circa 2009

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Asia-Pacific Chinese-Japanese Languages Web Search Project

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The following is an encoded Chinese language version of "Why Immigrate to Canada?   Why Use Immigration Lawyers? [materials provided by Lowe & Company's Immigration Web Archives encoded into web browser readable traditional style Chinese fonts by Dan Tam, Economics co-op student from the University of Victoria



1. ”í—ü‡š ”r–¼‘æˆê

2. Œ‰ŸÄ“IŠÂ‹«

3. Š®‘P“IŒ’NŒì—

4. ’´‘ì“I‹³ˆç§“x

5. ¬—§›ß‹v“I˜±FlŽÐ™½

6. Ží‘°—ZŸ¨‹y‘Š“™‹@˜ð

7. ˆÀ‘S“IçÁ‹ß’n™½

8. Úšß”üš 

9. ¥™Z—˜ì“IÅ”üD‘O“r



  1. ’á‘ã™JA‚¾“ü
  2. ˆÚ–¯“I‘ã™J”ä”üš AàSFˆ½¯‰Áš±’ᓾ‘½
  3. ‘S‰Æ“I–³CŒâÓæš
  4. •sŽù—v“ŠŽ‘Ý‘´‘¼“I‹Æ–±ã
  5. •sŽù—vŠÇ—‘´‘¼“I‹Æ–±
  6. ’ï步‰Á\‘åŒãC•s•KÄŒü­•{•ñ
  7. ”äŠr‰õ·“I\¿Žèã”
  8. \¿”äŠr—eˆÕ‡Ši
  9. —£‹«”äŠrŽ©—R
  10. •s•K懂‰p•¶


ŽOAˆ×r›õˆÏ‘ï—«š —Y—¥ŽtŒöŽiH

  1. ‰ä˜ì¥›“‹Æ—¥Žt
  2. ‰ä˜ì¥ˆÚ–¯–@—¥“I›“‰Æ
  3. ‰ä˜ì›”˜±F—Ä”@Žw¶
  4. ‰ä˜ì‹—L‹ã¬“I’ʉߗ¦
  5. ‰ä˜ì“I¾”—



  1. “ŠŽ‘ˆÚ–¯“I‹àŠz›’‰—ˆê‹ã‹ã‹ã”N³ŒŽˆê“úú‰ÁŽŠ50ä݉Á•¼
  2. ”@¡“I™|—ŽžŠÔ”䑽”N˜Ò‰õ“¾‘½
  3. ‰Á•¼™[Š·”ü‹à¥—LŽjˆÈ˜Ò“IÅ’á








1. ”í—ü‡š —ñˆ×¢ŠE”VŠ¥F
‰Á\‘å”í—ü‡š Žñ‘Iˆ×¢ŠE‘z“I‹Z’n•ûCŠl—¶“Iˆö‘f¥¶Šˆ…€AŠÂ‹«“™“™ˆö‘fB


2. Œ‰ŸÄ“IŠÂ‹«F

‰Á\‘吥¢ŠE‘æ“ñ‘å“Iš ‰ÆC‰Â¥lŒû‹Í—LŽOçä݁BˆöŸCœk‘½“IŽm’n˜¹‘R •ÛŽ‘厩‘R“IŒ´šáCŸ“Žó“žH‹Æ‰»“I‰e‹¿BÝ¢ŠEãC‰Á\‘å—i—LÅŠ£ŸÄV‘N“I‹óŸ†A…˜a“V‘RŽ‘Œ¹B


3. Š®‘P“IŒ’NŒì—F



4. ’´‘ì“I‹³ˆç§“xF

–Ɣˆç“ž‚’†C‰i‹v‹–¯ (‘¦•ñ“ž“IˆÚ–¯) “I‘å›{”ï’ʏ푊“™‰—ŠOš ›{¶Š•t“IŽO•ª”Vˆê˜aŒÜ•ª”Vˆê”VŠÔB‰Á\‘åäo眾š ‰Æ•s“¯CÝ‘´‘¼“Iš ‰ÆC¬›w˜ì•K{ãS‰ßŽ„—§›{ZË”\Šl“¾D“I‹³ˆçCŽ§‰Á\‘å“IŒö—§›{Z§“x‘«ˆÈ‹‹—\’´‘ì“I¬›{‹y’†›{‹³ˆçBœn’†›{•L‹Æ“I›{¶—LŽ‘Ši\¿iC”üš ‹y‰Á\‘åB


5. ¬—§›ß‹v“I‰ØlŽÐ™½F



6. Ží‘°—ZŸ¨˜a‘Š“™‹@˜ðF

‰Á\‘吥ˆê•SŽO\”NˆÈ˜ÒC—R¢ŠEŠe’n“IˆÚ–¯ŠŒš—§‹N˜Ò“IˆêŒÂ‘½Œ³‰»“IŽÐ˜ðB˜±FlÝ‘´’†•¯‰‰ˆêŒÂd—v“IŠpFCˆöŸ‘¼˜ìÝ‹³ˆçA‹Æ–±A“ŠŽ‘rŽŠ‰—­Ž¡ã‹—L‘Š“™‹@˜ðB‰Á\‘å‘\ãS—L˜±Fl“I›“‹ÆlˆõA‘å›{‹³ŽöA–@Š¯˜aŽsAÈAš ˜ð‹cˆõB


7. ˆÀ‘S“IçÁ‹ß’n™½F

ˆê”ʘÒ說C‰Á\‘å—LˆÀ‘S“I‹Z™½Cl˜ì“sÝ晚ãšdàՑ–˜HC˜a•Ê“Iš ‰Æ”ä‹N˜Ò¥ˆÀ‘S“¾‘½—¹B


8. Úšß”üš F

‰Á\‘åäo”üš —LŒ˜ŒÅ“I萌WC•s˜_¥Ý‹Æ–±A›{Z˜a‰È‹Z•û–ʁBÝ–k”üŽ©—R–fˆÕ‹¦‹c”V‰ºC‰Á\‘ål‰ÂˆÈŽ©—R‹Ž”üš Hì˜a˜ô¶ˆÓB


9. ¥™Z—˜ì“IÅ”üD‘O“rF



—«š —Y—¥ŽtŽ––±Š



—«š —Y—¥ŽtŽ©ˆê‹ã”ªŽO”NŠJŽnÝ溫šF‰Ø辦—¤‹Æ–@—¥‹yˆÚ–¯–@—¥Ž––±C–{gˆ×‰ÁÐ‰ØåáC‘\Ý溫šF‰ØA‘äàsA`Aäɗ¥•o‹yV‰Áš±Œü—¥Žt˜aˆÏ‘ïlu‰ð—L萉Á\‘åˆÚ–¯“I–â‘èG–ç—L‘Ö˜ÒŽ©ãq’n™½ˆÈ‹y’†š ‘å—¤A”n˜Ò¼˜±A”üš Ašº‹yAˆó“ò˜a‰â—…Žz“IˆÏ‘õl辦—ˆÚ–¯\¿BŸŠOC—«—¥Žt–’‘\Œü溫šF‰Ø˜a”üš “IˆÚ–¯—¥Žt˜aŒÚ–âuŽö¤‹ÆˆÚ–¯–@—¥B




—«—¥Žt˜a‘¼“I•—˜ì’ʝú‰pŒêAœA“Œ˜bA•’ʘbAäiŒê(閩“ì˜b) AäiŽR˜bA’ªF˜bA‹q‰Æ˜bA”n˜ÒŒê‹yˆó“òŒêB‘¼¥‰Á\‘å—«Ž@eã`˜ðA—´‰ªe‹`ŒöŠAš Û˜±FŸdŽå(‰Á\‘å) ‹¦˜ð“I–@—¥ŒÚ–âCŽ§ŠŽÝ‰Á\‘å˜aŠCŠO“s—L™Ò‰Áˆê±•s“¯“IŠî“‹³‘gDB–{ŠÈ‰î“IŽ‘—¿”TˆÂˆê‹ã‹ã”ª”N\ŒŽ“I‰Á\‘åˆÚ–¯–@—áï›B—R‰—‰Á\‘å–@—áãSíÌXCˆöŸ–{ŠÈ‰î‹Í‹Ÿ™Òl”V—pB”@Št‰º—~‹ï铗ĉð–{g“IžŠŒ¥”Û•„‡ácŽž\¿ˆÚ–¯“I—v‹C¿Œü—«—¥ŽtŽ––±Š查æmB

© 1998-2009 Lowe & Company & NetPac communications Ltd.
Chinese draft encoding credit to Dan Tam, B.Econ. University of Victoria

The following is a draft Japanese language version of materials provided by The translator is Ms. Shiho Kaneko, Business student from the University of Victoria


Japanese translation (work in process - alpha test encode) of term Canada "work permit" also known as "work visa"

What people often call a "Canada Work Visa" is officially known as a "Work Permit" by Citizenship and Immigration Canada

ƒJƒiƒ_‚̏A˜JƒrƒUiCanada Work Visa)‚Ƃ͐³Ž®‚ɂ͏A˜J‹–‰ÂØ‚ƌĂ΂ê‚Ä‚¢‚Ü‚·B

"Every year over 90,000 foreign workers enter Canada working temporarily to help Canadian employers address skill shortages in Canada. Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and Human Resources Development Canada (HRDC) ensure that these workers will support economic growth in Canada and create more opportunities for all Canadian job seekers."

g–ˆ”N‚X‚OC‚O‚O‚Ol‚ð’´‚¦‚éŠO‘l‚ªAƒJƒiƒ_‚Ì‹Zp•s‘«‚È‚Ç‚ð•â‚¤‚½‚ß‚É ˆêŽž“I‚ɃJƒiƒ_‚É—ˆ‚Ä“­‚¢‚Ä‚¢‚Ü‚·B@CIC‚ÆHRDC‚Å‚Í‚±‚¤‚¢‚¤ŠCŠO‚©‚ç‚̘J“­ŽÒ‚ªƒJƒ iƒ_‚ÌŒoÏ“I‚È”­“W‚ɍvŒ£‚µAƒJƒiƒ_‚Å‚Ì‹EŽÒ‚Ì‹@‰ï‚ð‚³‚ç‚É‘‚â‚·‚Æ‚¢‚¤‚±‚Æ‚ð–Ú“ I‚Æ‚µ‚Ä‚¢‚Ü‚·B

"In almost all cases you must have a valid work permit to work in Canada." [quote from CIC web site on "Work Temporarily in Canada" section as of 2003/09/15 s/a Government of Canada]

‚Ù‚Æ‚ñ‚ǂ̏ꍇAAEŽÒ‚̓Jƒiƒ_‚Å“­‚­‚É‚ ‚½‚Á‚Ä—LŒø‚ȏA˜J‹–‰ÂØ‚ðŽ‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚邱‚Æ ‚ªŒ´‘¥‚Æ‚È‚Á‚Ä‚¢‚Ü‚·B[CIC‚̃z[ƒ€ƒy[ƒW‚©‚ç‚̈ø—pFgWork Temporarily in Canadah 2003/09/15 s/a Government of Canada]