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Septempter 1998
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June 25, 1998 (3 to 4:30 p.m. at Cominco Ltd.)

Twelve members attended the 1997/98 AGM.  The meeting began with a quick

review of the year's activities.  Programming committee members delivered brief

summaries of past sessions and events, and Elizabeth Caskey reported on

our financial status and membership numbers.

The bulk of the AGM was devoted to brainstorming session ideas for the

upcoming year. While a very broad range of topics was proposed, the

Internet once again proved to be the main area of interest.

Attendance for the year (seven sessions, plus AGM) totalled

approximately 310.

Thanks to the programming committee and executives who contributed to

the success of VOLUG this year: Chris Burns, Claudia Chandler, Brent

Gushowaty, Arlene Higgs, Susan Huber, Joy Kirchner, Marilyn Taylor,

Anne Walsh and Elizabeth Caskey.

submitted by Keith Low, Programming Coordinator (1997/98)


1997 Sessions


Topic: Introducing UBC's new library catalogue and website

Speakers: Joy Kirchner and Larry Campbell, both of UBC Library

Convenors: Chris Burns and Joy Kirchner

Location: VPL


Topic: Hand wringing, hand holding and handsome rewards....finding what

you want on the Internet

Speaker: Joel Minion, B.C. Library Services Branch

Convenors: Arlene Higgs and Keith Low

Location: SFU


Topic: VOLUG's 20th Anniversary celebration

Guest and speakers: too numerous to name!

Convenor: Susan Huber and Claudia Chandler

Location:  Royal Vancouver Yacht Club

1998 Sessions

January: Reuters' Business Briefing

Speaker: Joan Dowling, Reuters

Convenor: Keith Low

Location: Cominco

February: Java and the enterprise

Speaker: Darren Gibbons, OpenRoad Communications

Convenor: Brent Gushowaty

Location: VPL

March:  Data mining: a tool for business intelligence

Co-presenter: SCIP

Speaker: Representative from Cognos

Convenor: Claudia Chandler

Location: YWCA

April: Brownbags and bookmarks

Speakers: Joe Boyd (Simons Information Center), Patricia Cia (Teck Corp.)

Convenor: Chris Burns

Location: VPL

May: (break)

June: Annual general meeting

Convenor: Keith Low

Location: Cominco

Submitted by:
Keith Low
Corporate Librarian
Cominco Ltd. Corporate/Legal Library
200 Burrard St., Vancouver, B.C., V6C 3L7, Canada
* Tel: (604) 685-3055 * Fax: (604) 844-2509

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