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Illustrations, Pencil Drawings & Cartoon Strips For Children's Drawing Classes, Books, Reports & Teaching Resources

Color pencil drawing of a latern shining brightly among the giant leaves at night - CLICK TO EXPAND GRAPHIC Pre-School Drawing Class -  book cover illustration - CLICK TO EXPAND GRAPHIC color cartoon graphic of - What did baby Charissa see? - CLICK TO EXPAND GRAPHIC book illustrator's cover with enthusiastic characters for childrens youth ministry annual report publication - CLICK TO EXPAND GRAPHIC
color illustration-graphic of HAPPY BEANS IN A POD - illustration for children's  graphics publication CLICK TO EXPAND GRAPHIC Cartoon strip of young children and tooth paste - Older brother shows baby brother what tooth brush and tooth paste can be used for
color pencil drawing of little girl with jelly bean pet - CLICK TO EXPAND GRAPHIC pencil drawing - S'more - young family summer BBQ in backyard of home - CLICK TO EXPAND GRAPHIC Noah's Ark graphic-illustration for young children - stationary-print project


Christine Wong, Creative Director, Illustrator, Graphic Designer & Interior Designer
Vancouver, BC, Canada

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